Disinfectant cleaner with active oxygen

In connection with the service sector, within a “COVID FREE” framework and in response to the demand for specific cleaners for our synthetic fabrics, which due to their continuous nature are the most suitable for hygiene and disinfection, we introduce OXICUAT.

· It eliminates dirt and bad odors.

· Contains 0.8% of hydrogen peroxide.

OXICUAT is a cleaner based on hydrogen peroxide, alcohols and quaternary ammonium compounds in specific solutions to provide the best natural disinfection, minimizing the use of toxic substances thanks to the active oxygen it contains.

Its neutral PH composition and its high concentration of non-ionic surfactants remove dirt with no need for aggressive rubbing, thus increasing the lifespan of surfaces despite periodic washing.

The essential oils of its composition and ammonium salts give OXICUAT a high sanitizing power and guarantee the elimination of bad odors.

ALONSO MERCADER recommends the use of polyurethanes or mixes such as MOVER, TRX or ACUA PLUS, in order to avoid hardening due to the loss of plasticizers that happens in conventional PVCafter continuous washing.

Differentiating ourselves from our competitors, who customize cleaners, we kindly inform you that OXICUAT can be found in large stores and drugstores or we can deliver it directly to you.


iSys AG antimicrobial and antiviral treatment

Effective against microbials (99,99%)

Antimicrobial activity on finished textiles approved (ISO 18184)

Protect yourself and your environment

iSys AG, being silver-based ions reduces the life of the virus on the surface and even inhibits it providing full assurance of viral disappearance after cleaning.

When iSys AG, which has a positive charge (Ag +), adheres to the membrane of the virus, also with a negative charge, there is an electrostatic attraction, and from the moment the silver particle adheres to the virus, it is deactivated, it will no longer be able to penetrate into our cells and therefore it will not be able to reproduce.

Toxicologically tested: STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX.

TRX, TRX Clenol and ACUA Plus include iSys AG in its formulation, which makes them perfect for specific uses where active and passive disinfection is required.

The high-specific weight polyurethane surface treated with iSys AG makes the TRX and Acua Plus family the perfect match for demanding facilities such as hospitals, nursery homes, hotels, etc.

With its compact construction without internal air and a PU surface, TRX offers unbeatable scratch resistance compared to conventional PVC, and it blocksall possibilities of inner microorganisms proliferation.

TRX Clenol, thanks to its aromatic PU surface, allows the use of alcohols for periodic maintenance and disinfection, in line with hospital needs, physical therapy, nursing homes, gyms, etc.

Acua Plus with a Polycarbonate surface blocks the passage of microorganisms to plasticizers and retains their migration due to use and severe washing.


In connection with the Services sector and staying within a “COVID FREE” framework, we offer our synthetic fabrics which, due to their continuous surface, are the most suitable for sanitation and disinfection, with total effectiveness against microorganisms and severe washing.

INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS Collection: ACUA Plus, SILICONE and TRX Clenol, hi-tech concepts, the highest biocidal benefits. Impenetrable polycarbonate. Resistance to cleaners with alcohol, sodium hypochlorite (bleach), hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

PIELTECH Collection: High-solid, biodegradable, recycled, a firm set to facilitate cleaning and block microbes. Polycarbonate offers the highest molecular weight, an impassable barrier. They support ammonia, bleach, hydrogen peroxide and low concentration alcohols.

EVOLVE Collection: Reactive polyurethane, with very high specific weight, natural protection. Washings with bleach, ammonia and alcohols in low concentration.

DIAMOND Collection: Compact mixed polyurethane, ultra-smooth specular surface, maximum security designs. Easy maintenance, sodium hypochlorite, low-concentration alcohols and ammonia.

ACUALIS Collection: Biocide load. With the new CANVAS and MARINER, we root for style in a technical world. They support ammonia, bleach, and low concentration alcohol.

Ammonia – Diluted solution at 20% max.

Sodium hypochlorite (bleach) - Diluted in water at 20% max.

Alcohol (isopropyl and ethyl) - In low concentration (20% max).


Product for the service sector (hotels, restaurants, cinemas, hospitals, clinics, beauty centers, community centers, transportation...).

Non-woven base in recyclable PET, OEKO-TEX certified and laminated Composite phthalates free.

Disposable, reusable, specific for seat cover, stretcher and headboard.

It protects against biological, antibacterial and fungicide agents.

Thermo-weldable, watertight seams without thread.

4 washing cycles at 45ºC with sodium hypochlorite (bleach).

Corrosion, scratch and tear resistant.

Impervious to microorganisms, gases and liquids.

Light and flexible.


3 specific concepts for upholstery in hospital and nursing home uses.

Acua Plus

Protection of polycarbonate (polymer with the highest molecular weight in the market) vs conventional PVC.

Oil and water repellent barrier.

It blocks the passage of microorganisms to the plasticizers.

It creates and easy to clean surface resistant to ammonia, alcohol-based products and bleach.

It stops the movement of plasticizers for several use and washings.

It resists extreme abrasions on its surface.

Its treatment against fungi and bacteria has very low toxicity levels compared to conventional silver nitrates.


Pure silicone (best performance polymer in the market) vs conventional PVC.

Biocompatibility accepted by the FDA for healthcare and food industry use.

Antibacterial and fire retardant nature.

Anticorrosive and not interactive with other materials.

Full resistance to oxidants: bleach, acids, ammonia, alcohol-based products (ethyl and isopropyl).

Esay to clean and anti-stain surface.

High UV grade.

Acua Graf

Conductive material (graphene filler) in black color to be used in hospital beds, operating rooms and ambulances.




Non-woven fabric base of recyclable PET, OEKO-TEX certified and biodegradable TPU surface. The only ecological textile for the healthcare sector. CE production.

Reusable and sterilizable. Specific for hospital clothing, protection and operating room.

It protects against biological agents, antibacterial and fungicidal.

It is thermo-weldable and offers thread-less and airtight seams.

5 high-temperature washing cycles.

Corrosion, scratch and tear resistant.

Waterproof to gaseous and liquid microorganisms.

Light, flexible and breathable.