iSys AG antimicrobial and antiviral treatment

Effective against microbials (99,99%)

Antimicrobial activity on finished textiles approved (ISO 18184)

Protect yourself and your environment

iSys AG, being silver-based ions reduces the life of the virus on the surface and even inhibits it providing full assurance of viral disappearance after cleaning.

When iSys AG, which has a positive charge (Ag+), adheres to the membrane of the virus, also with a negative charge, there is an electrostatic attraction, and from the moment the silver particle adheres to the virus, it is deactivated, it will no longer be able to penetrate into our cells and therefore it will not be able to reproduce.

Toxicologically tested: STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX.

TRX, TRX Clenol and ACUA Plus include iSys AG in its formulation, which makes them perfect for specific uses where active and passive disinfection is required.

The high-specific weight polyurethane surface treated with iSys AG makes the TRX and Acua Plus family the perfect match for demanding facilities such as hospitals, nursery homes, hotels, etc.

With its compact construction without internal air and a PU surface, TRX offers unbeatable scratch resistance compared to conventional PVC, and it blocksall possibilities of inner microorganisms proliferation.

TRX Clenol, thanks to its aromatic PU surface, allows the use of alcohols for periodic maintenance and disinfection, in line with hospital needs, physical therapy, nursing homes, gyms, etc.

Acua Plus with a Polycarbonate surface blocks the passage of microorganisms to plasticizers and retains their migration due to use and severe washing.