With LEGEND we are entering the Final Product world.

Final Product is a term used to define highly perfected materials that are already a finished product without the need of being involved in the furniture production process.

Natural leather is the first example of this category followed by articles such as the Lorea and Nature which are based “super microfibers” as well as the Alcantara and Dinamica, all of them at a high price range due to the refined nature of those products and the different scales of smoothness.

LEGEND achieves those quality standards at a reasonable price and with high durability thanks to its High Solid prodcution process which, through the activation of the PU molecules and the elimination of the micro air bubbles completely eleminates the early appearance of Hydrolisis as well as the use of chemical solvants during its production making it a biodegradable and eviromentaly friendly product.

LEGEND’s soft and leather-like hand feel along with its classic long lived design makes it the ultimate upoholstery solution for both home and profesional use through its high resistance to tear and wear, stains and fire making it a rightful member of the Final Product family.