3 specific concepts for upholstery in hospital and nursing home uses.

Acua Plus

Protection of polycarbonate (polymer with the highest molecular weight in the market) vs conventional PVC.

Oil and water repellent barrier.

It blocks the passage of microorganisms to the plasticizers.

It creates and easy to clean surface resistant to ammonia, alcohol-based products and bleach.

It stops the movement of plasticizers for several use and washings.

It resists extreme abrasions on its surface.

Its treatment against fungi and bacteria has very low toxicity levels compared to conventional silver nitrates.


Pure silicone (best performance polymer in the market) vs conventional PVC.

Biocompatibility accepted by the FDA for healthcare and food industry use.

Antibacterial and fire retardant nature.

Anticorrosive and not interactive with other materials.

Full resistance to oxidants: bleach, acids, ammonia, alcohol-based products (ethyl and isopropyl).

Esay to clean and anti-stain surface.

High UV grade.

Acua Graf

Conductive material (graphene filler) in black color to be used in hospital beds, operating rooms and ambulances.