In connection with the Services sector and staying within a “COVID FREE” framework, we offer our synthetic fabrics which, due to their continuous surface, are the most suitable for sanitation and disinfection, with total effectiveness against microorganisms and severe washing.

INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS Collection: ACUA Plus, SILICONE and TRX Clenol, hi-tech concepts, the highest biocidal benefits. Impenetrable polycarbonate.

Resistance to cleaners with alcohol, sodium hypochlorite (bleach), hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

PIELTECH Collection: High-solid, biodegradable, recycled, a firm set to facilitate cleaning and block microbes. Polycarbonate offers the highest molecular weight, an impassable barrier.

They support ammonia, bleach, hydrogen peroxide and low concentration alcohols.

EVOLVE Collection: Reactive polyurethane, with very high specific weight, natural protection. Washings with bleach, ammonia and alcohols in low concentration.

DIAMOND Collection: Compact mixed polyurethane, ultra-smooth specular surface, maximum security designs. Easy maintenance, sodium hypochlorite, low-concentration alcohols and ammonia.

ACUALIS Collection: Biocide load. With the new CANVAS and MARINER, we root for style in a technical world. They support ammonia, bleach, and low concentration alcohol.

Ammonia – Diluted solution at 20% max.

Sodium hypochlorite (bleach) - Diluted in water at 20% max.

Alcohol (isopropyl and ethyl in low concentration, 20% max).

Textile R+D, applied. For more information, request our catalogs and samples.