Foaming a synthetic leather results in an enormous expense of energy and extended exposure of the product to a high level of temperature, which causes in long term a hydrolysis due to the aging of the foams used.

The AIRFLOW system eliminates this foaming process by coating the product directly and in one single process with a 3D polyester fabric, which acts as the base of the synthetic leather and thus saves a lot of energy and heat exposure.

It presents many advantages:

· Less energetic costs

· Less exposure of the product to heat

· It avoids the foaming process

· The hydrolysis problem caused by long exposure of the product to heat, sweat humidity and aging disappears because the 3D polyester is not affected as the previous polyurethane foams.

Examples and uses:

Ceiling and interior
of truck/car cabin
Ceiling and sides
of boat interior
Door panels
Ceiling and sides
of boat cabin