Striving for achieve maximum resistance against surface abrasion, we choose to use polycarbonate, as it guarantees an impenetrable barrier due to its high molecular specific weight. We already had this kind of armor and we created products like MOVER, leaders in the market in their typology.

We analyzed the weak points of PVC, its long-term loss of plasticizers, hardening and surface breakage. We already had the generic problem of outdoor materials.

IDEA!!!! We assembled the vinyl with polycarbonate and that is how ACUA PLUS was born, with an impassable barrier that retains the PVC plasticizers and makes the congenital weakness disappear, offering a double protection of entry and exit.

ACUA PLUS is the only product specifically formulated for outdoor and indoor use that combines natural characteristics of its polymers and does not use artificial protections.

Oil and water repellent barrier.

It blocks the passage of microorganisms to the plasticizers.

It creates and easy to clean surface resistant to ammonia, alcohol-based products and bleach.

Its treatment against fungi and bacteria has very low toxicity levels compared to conventional silver nitrates.

It stops the movement of plasticizers for several use and washings.

It resists extreme abrasions on its surface.

Resistance to cleaners with alcohol, sodium hypochlorite (bleach), hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

Optimal use in outdoor and marine environments.

ACUA PLUS include iSys AG in its formulation, which makes them perfect for specific uses where active and passive disinfection is required like hotels, hospitals and nursing homes.

iSys AG, being silver-based ions reduces the life of the virus on the surface and even inhibits it providing full assurance of viral disappearance after cleaning.

When iSys AG, which has a positive charge (Ag+), adheres to the membrane of the virus, also with a negative charge, there is an electrostatic attraction, and from the moment the silver particle adheres to the virus, it is deactivated, it will no longer be able to penetrate into our cells and therefore it will not be able to reproduce.